What is Botty Mental Health?


Botty Mental Health is a website for people that want information or want to get help on mental health issues. We provide information about the symptoms,what you can do to mitigate them on your own or how to get support if you are facing such problems.
You can also contact us and we can put you in contact with doctors and specialists or we can provide you with information about institutions and centers where you can receive remote or direct support.


On our website you can find many communication tools that you can use if you feel the need to be helped by someone or to know more on how to get in contact with a specific institution. You can talk to our bot, check our instagram account, contact us and find numbers of institutions.


At the bottom left corner of the website you can find a chat bot which is our mascot (Botty). You can chat about the challenges you are facing and he will give you tips on what you can do or what internet sources you can visit to find the right support.

Institutions you can contact for help:

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